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Andrea Putting

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Becoming a Business of Innovation

There is a strong wave of energy emerging into a more conscious way of doing business. It all starts with having a strong purpose for what we are doing and staying focused on that. Instead what often happens is our focus becomes more and more on day to day running of the business. In that frame of thinking, it is easy for the true purpose to get lost. We start to think about how can business the run more efficiently. We look to the past and old models to try to make it stronger.

While those old structures initially appear to make things run smoothly, what they are actually doing is turning the focus away from where the real strengths and greatness lies. Now people are stuck in little boxes of what they must do. Everyone is kept in their place and must attend to their task. We become task focused. Stay on track. Fill in your time sheet. Don’t look outside of your box.

Very quickly people become bored and uninterested in what they are doing. Their growth is stunted and their creativity is burned.

When you are focused on the purpose and what you want to achieve in business, the appropriate structures will develop around this that encourages everyone to be creative and to participate in the goals, growth and the innovation of new ideas.

The greatest ideas and innovations come when people feel free to interact with each other in a safe space. When people are given the opportunity to explore and develop, their curiosity is sparked, their creativity awakened. When your employees feel connect with the purpose of the business, and they feel they can openly contribute to it, then the business can start to soar into new places way beyond what you may have ever dreamed.



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