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From Stagnate Business to Social Movement

According to a recent study conducted by Michael Henderson, a corporate anthropologist, 7 out of 10 businesses aren’t achieving their full potential.

So, what is happening that causes businesses with enormous potential to slump in a stagnate survival mode rather than forging ahead into the enormous pool of opportunity?

There a number of things that seems to happen here

They lose touch with the true soul of the business, their core mission, the why they started the business in the first place. The building of a business is so intense and can quickly be overcome with the day to day running of the business. The focus becomes just getting through the day, reaching the sales targets and ensuring products go out on time. Employees can only focus on their tasks at hand and often become disenchanted with their work, as they go day in day out doing the same thing. As the research shows from Gallup 75% of Australians are disengaged or disinterested in the work place, we have a real problem here. How can a business really grow and be innovative in this environment? When employees feel a deep connection with the purpose of the business and their work, they are more engaged and more interested in what they are doing.

To continue, in desperation to move things along, old and outdated models of business are implemented. These do nothing to create an atmosphere where employees feel they can contribute to making the business grow, in fact, it creates `the opposite. People feel untrusted and stifled. They are unable to grow and develop. They don’t contribute what they have to offer.

All in all, this leads to no drive to be innovative, gets business stuck and no growth or just marginal growth occurs.

So, it is time to Awaken the Soul of you or business. Get back in touch with what the true calling is for you and your business. It is called to be more. There is an emerging future that wants to awaken and come forth into the world. Get your team on board, step back together and look at the whole picture, listen to the future and take action to where your business can live out its highest future potential. Create a great legacy and be a social movement that people love.

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