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Andrea Putting

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Get Results Like Never Before

To start achieving different results, we need to start looking at things in a new way. I mean really looking at things. Taking time to observe what is going on, listening to what people have to say and walking in their shoes. When we put aside our own ideas and judgments, it is amazing what we learn.

From the place of observing we can start to understand what has brought us to this place. How have we got here? What is working and what isn’t. Taking this all in allows us to see with fresh eyes.

Reflecting on what we have learned and letting go of all preconceived judgements then allows the collective wisdom to come forth. Time in quiet reflection, meditation and journalling is when we can sense our true calling and new ideas emerge from the future. What is it that wants to be born through me and us as a collective?

Now we have new vision, we’ve spent time with those stakeholders involved and understand where they are at. The new vision that has come forth is one that is calling you. It has disrupted your being and comfort and you know that it has to come into life. It is not just a nice idea to write up, it has a life of its own and it is surging within you to come to life. This is the time to bring together the hands, the heart and the will.

Having a supportive team around you and creating a prototype of your ideas to experiment with, quickly, keeps the momentum going. You and your team get to work on creating it. This is a prototype, so failure is acceptable as it helps you to learn quickly and develop the idea into something greater and bigger.

Here profound change can take place and be embodied by all those involved.

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