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My little secret

I want to let you on my secret, my dirty little secret. I am the world’s greatest procrastinator. Yep, that’s right. If there is a way to get out of something, I will find it. If there is a short-cut to take, I will take it. I don’t like to spend too much time doing anything.

One of my strengths is Maximer, so if I’m going to put myself into anything, I want to get the maximum out of it, in the quickest possible time. I guess that is why I am a sprinter, not a marathon runner. I just can’t handle the idea of that long haul. I need it to be short and sharp. Let’s get this done, and get it done quickly as possible. I call myself the laziest runner in the club I belong to. 84 year olds can run further than I can. For me, if the race takes less than a minute, I’m in.

So, as I said, I’m a great procrastinator. However to the world, it may seem that I’m very organised, and I even appear to be good at getting things done and achieving things. Reality is that this is a real struggle for me. I have so many ideas going through my head, all the time; idea after idea after idea. Then it comes done to picking and choosing ones that I can actually feel that I can get the most out of and make happen. For me to be able to invest my time in one of my ideas, it has to be magnificent. It has to really speak to me.

So, how do we find those ideas that really speak to us?

It’s about listening to that greater guidance that comes to us. It‘s about connecting in with our greater Spirit, which is the most important thing to do. It’s about finding that passionate purpose. Feeling that you have a purpose and feeling passionate about it. Those things come when we listen to those greater inspirations. The things that really speak to us in our heart, they aren’t just an idea, but speak to our values, to our ideals and become something that you can’t not do.

For me, the thing that I could not not do is Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony. I had no idea of how I was going to start that. If I thought too long and hard about it, I may not have ever done it. I just had to get in there and get it started because it spoke to me so deeply, that it became something I couldn’t procrastinate about. It was too important to me. I had to make it happen.

My secret brings out the secret about achieving something great within you. Find that passionate purpose that says to you, beyond anything else, this is something I must do. And make it happen.

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