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Capturing the Volunteer Spirit in Employees

Do you know that 75% of employees are disengaged or disinterested in the workplace?

This got me thinking. How is it that people volunteer and are enthusiastic about what they are doing, even though there is no material reward? While people go along to work, can get paid really well for what they do, yet are disengaged and quite frankly are just going along with the motions.

Honestly, not every volunteer situation comes with idea conditions. Supervisors or team leaders may have no idea on how to lead and motivate people. There can be massive frictions, but people keep going and make sure the job is done as well as they can possibly do it.


Simple really, because they believe in what they are doing, it gives them a sense of purpose and that they are making a difference. So they keep on going, keep on giving their time. It has become important to them; they go out of their way and make it happen.

Wow, wouldn’t you like people to have that motivation in your business.  Now, I hope you would attend to any frictions, but you get the idea here don’t you? When people have a sense of purpose and that they are making a difference, when the tough times come, they will pull together and push through to success.

In fact, research shows that when employees have a sense of purpose their engagement increases. Businesses with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%, increasing performance and profit.

Getting everyone on board with a true sense of purpose is vital for the survival and growth of your business.  When everyone feels they are contributing to something worthwhile and something bigger than themselves, amazing things happen and your business becomes great.


Andrea Putting is a Professional Speaker and Business Soul Coach, she guides business leaders and teams in unlocking how they can have Maximum Impact in the world, giving the workplace a greater sense of purpose leading to maximising performance and profit. Contact her now









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