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Capturing the Volunteer Spirit in Employees

Do you know that 75% of employees are disengaged or disinterested in the workplace? This got me thinking. How is it that people volunteer and are enthusiastic about what they are doing, even though there is no material reward? While people go along to work, can get paid really well for what they do, yet… Read the full article

Building the Capacity of Others

As the leader, what you want most is for your people to be able to grow and develop, preferable in your organisation, so they don’t go elsewhere. You want them to be engaged in what they do, even excited and passionate. It is good for them, it is good for morale and it is good… Read the full article

Building a Business with Purpose

Starting out on the journey of building a soulful business comes with lots of dreams and passion. You feel that you are on purpose and going to change the world. However, once the business gets going, it can often leave the business owner feeling cold and flat when they have to start dealing with business… Read the full article

The Secret of Great Businesses

What it is that makes some businesses stand out amongst the crowd of all other businesses? What is it that draws consumer confidence and loyalty from their employees? Why is it that some businesses absolutely thrive, while others struggle to survive? The secret is simple, it is “Purpose”. Yes, I know, most businesses at some… Read the full article

Get Smart – Talk to Your Team

When it comes to restructuring your business, it is important to include your team in the process. They are the ones who are out there doing the work. They have the connections with the customers and most of the time they know their job better than you. What happens when you don’t? You come in… Read the full article

Refuel the Passion to Avoid Burnout

Being a business owner can really suck sometimes. Let’s face it: it can suck the life right out of you! You put in years of work getting the business up and running but all you seem to get back is more stress and a never ending ‘to-do’ list! Burnout seems just round the corner. If… Read the full article

Finding the Spirit in your Business

When you started your business, you had a vision. It will be a happy place, people will love to come and work here, our customers will love us, we will have a positive impact on the community and I will make a profit. How are you going with that? Well, the daily grind gets to… Read the full article