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Building a Business with Purpose

MH900444368Starting out on the journey of building a soulful business comes with lots of dreams and passion. You feel that you are on purpose and going to change the world. However, once the business gets going, it can often leave the business owner feeling cold and flat when they have to start dealing with business politics and running a big business with employees who don’t quite get it. The questions come: “Is it possible to be in business without all this “power and profit” push? Can we be a business where the passion and purpose comes first? Can it still be profitable?”

The answer is YES. There are ways of developing your business, putting people, passion and purpose first. A business can operate successfully, whether 10 or 10,000 employees on “purpose first” systems.

The way we have done business up to now is based on old out-dated models that have evolved over the evolution of humans. We are now in a new age of consciousness and need new models, new paradigms to reshape the way people work.

There are 3 focus points to creating a business model where Purpose comes first.

  • Purpose
  • Wholeness
  • Self-Management

Purpose: Really being clear on your purpose is an important step, this includes visioning what is possible and understanding your business values. Now while this sounds standard corporate practice, it is time to look at this with new eyes. Including your employees in on creating new visions, helps them to feel a part of the business, and gives them a sense of ownership. It may also open up new ideas and concepts that you alone may have never thought of. Once you have your purpose, vision and values, this need to be incorporated into every decision and everything the business does. Don’t just put them up on the wall and have them look pretty; they need to be worked on and developed. When these really become a foundation of the business, you will really start to see the Soul of what it is about and employees start to become motivated and a positive culture starts to unfold.

Wholeness: Traditionally, when people head off to work for the day, they leave most of themselves behind. They cannot be true to who they are; they put on a different persona. Nothing else is acceptable. When a workplace embraces the whole person, they can open up into being more present at work. They find within themselves greater purpose and are willing to give more. Integrating holistic practices in daily work life brings many benefits to the workplace. Individuals are able more in tune with themselves, create deeper and more beneficial relationships, and of course, they are healthier. A business that encourages wholeness has happier workers, who work together for the common purpose and as a result is more productive and profitable.

Self-management: The business models that are the “norm” are based on control and that your employees can’t be trusted. The result is unhappy, disinterested employees and overworked and stressed out management. New models are emerging where employees work together in harmony. Every person whether CEO or employee can make decisions and work with the team to achieve their goals. There is no need for someone to watch over them as if they are naughty children. When given the opportunity people can flourish in this environment. They become more innovative and more inspired within their work. They want to grow in the business and make a difference, right where they are. In this environment a business is living more ethically and more in-tune with the growing nature of the business and the growing needs of its customers.

Addressing a business or organisation as a living entity opens up a new world to those who are a part of it. They are able to grow with it, find a sense of purpose within it and truly see that this is a worthwhile endeavour. It starts to become more than a business, it is an inspirational movement; it is legacy for you to be proud of.



Andrea Putting is a Business Soul Coach, specialising in “Awakening the Soul of Business.” Revisioning organisations with new paradigms, where people and business thrive. Meet Andrea, at, and get ready to transform your business into an inspirational movement.

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