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Finding the Spirit in your Business

MH900423066When you started your business, you had a vision. It will be a happy place, people will love to come and work here, our customers will love us, we will have a positive impact on the community and I will make a profit. How are you going with that?

Well, the daily grind gets to you sometime doesn’t it. The inspiration you had to start the business, to fulfil your life purpose, seems to wane. There is so much to do and so many goals that you must keep striving to meet. The pressure is on. There just isn’t time to connect with your own Spirit anymore and things seem to get off the track.

Let’s just stop for a moment and breath.

Is it possible to recreate that dream and have it work for you?
Is it possible to find Spirit in your business rather than not finding time at all?
Is it possible for business to be a real shining light of a Business with Soul, where people work because they love it, feel passionate about your vision, a business that your clients/customers love to support; a business that is a legacy for your dream and passion?

Finding the soul in your business is an important journey, if it is to be sustainable. You need to be feel good everyday about your business; you and your staff need to feel nourished by the work. When you do, everyone is able to give more, share more and this flows over to all areas of their lives. Work is no longer dreary, it’s a joy.

Opening up to be led by the Spirit in your business is an amazing journey, but it can be quite a challenge. Having someone besides you, to hold your hand, lift you up when you need it and open your eyes to other possibilities is what will keep you really moving forward and lead you into success.

A mentor or coach is an essential piece of this equation. The role of a Business Soul Coach in developing a Business with Soul is to help you to stay connected with your own Spirit and your vision. They are there to give you business guidance and to also be your spiritual counsellor.

Often in our own business we get caught up in the daily running and we need to just step outside it, take a new look and see what is possible. This is how your mentor helps you. You need to see things with fresh eyes and to revision the possibilities. Your mentor guides you through this, calls you out on what you need to look at. Sees what you miss. They help you to create new paradigms that will shift your business into something that you will be proud to call your legacy.

A business soul coach is there to support you and everyone in your business, to shine a light on people and help them to find their purpose within your business. When employees can find fulfilment and purpose within their daily work, they become far more engaged in what they are doing. They start to appreciate each other more, and the workplace becomes more lively and productive than ever before.

Having a mentor for your team encourages everyone to be the best that they can, it brings out the true essence of the human spirit. When people feel that they are living their soul purpose and they are able to contribute and make a difference, they come alive. Their whole life comes together; they are happier, healthier and more committed to what they are doing. They are fully engaged in their life and their work.

This is when the business really starts to flourish. Everyone feels positive about their work and the direction of the business. Your staff don’t want to go anywhere else, they love working here. Your clients or customers and receiving better service and love what the business stands for. The message is getting out. As a result your business starts growing and bringing in profit.

Awakening the Soul of your Business, will awaken your success in new and exciting ways.

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