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Andrea Putting

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On the Social Mission Revolution podcast,  we explore some of the greatest under told stories of businesses and of everyday people who are making their Ultimate Impact on the world through Social Mission. They share their stories, their inspirations, their successes and heartaches on the way to making that difference that we all long to make. Listen to the podcast now on,

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It’s time for a chocolate and coffee break.

So, grab your cuppa, and let’s listen together to stories from people of all walks of life that will touch your heart and reveal that opposites are the same.As we share together over Chocolate and Coffee, we will hear the stories of people’s lives that will help us to walk in their shoes. As their stories unfold we will have a greater understanding that Opposites are the same.

I speak to the experts in the field who share what they have seen, what is changing the world and how we can all contribute so that all can find belonging and acceptance.

Share a chocolate, have a cuppa, enjoy a conversation and change the world.