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Revisioning to a Business that Thrives

MH900427643Not for the first time, Joan wondered, ’Why on earth did I start this business in the first place?’ It seemed that it was a constant battle. She had done the hard yards setting up the business and getting it going yet now she was on the verge of burnout.

It seemed like the only person she was the only one she could trust to get the job right. So even though she had employees, everything seemed to fall back on her. Continually trying to keep staff motivated was taking a toll on her. There was so much to do and she was starting to resent the business and her employees for sapping her energy and not giving her the lifestyle she dreamed of. .

This is a common story because small business owners work hard; damn hard. They have so much to do each day that they can’t fit in time for themselves or their families. Inspiration fades and is taken over by day-to-day mundanities.

Joan felt that she no longer had the time, energy or the support she needed to take her business to the next level. How can she turn this around?

It was time to take fresh look at herself and her business, and she was smart enough to know that she needed help. With her Business Soul Coach, she was able to awaken the soul of her business and reconnect with what was most important to her.

Realigning her business with her values and purpose helped her to reinvigorate her passion. She found a new ’why‘ to inspire and motivate her every day, but that was just the start.

She needed her employees to feel the same passion and be motivated and excited about the work they are doing.

Joan started sharing her ideas and vision with her staff and asking them for input. This helped them feel included in the re-visioning of the business. Her employees were encouraged to connect with their own purpose and passion. As they uncovered what they needed to feel fulfilled and valued, they were able to align themselves with their work. Now they were motivated and inspired. The productivity of the business increased. They were ready to share their ideas and to work together to achieve the ’Soul Purpose‘ of the business.

Joan realised that as her staff felt more valued for their input and hard work, they gave more of themselves. As they started to thrive, so did the business. She knew that she could delegate some of her work and trust her employees to take care of business. Now she was free to work on new projects or even take that holiday, knowing her business be would kept running by her motivated and trusted staff.

Finally, Joan’s business was becoming the legacy she always dreamed of.

Andrea Putting is a Business Soul Coach, specialising in revisioning organisations, with new paradigms, where people and business thrive.

Her unique fusion of spirituality, health and business will revolutionise your approach to business so it is dynamic and inspiring, while being fun, exciting and profitable.

Connect with Andrea, (click here) and get ready to transform your business into an inspiration movement.

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