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Let Your Spirit Breathe

These words often come to me when I’m stressing out about something. They remind to just sit in the quiet and invite in the Spirit to flow through me. As I get caught up in day-to-day living, sometimes I just forget to breathe and allow the naturally flow of the Spirit through my life. I hold myself up, rushing thoughts through my mind on what to do, how to do and why can’t I solve this problem. I get more and more stressed out about whatever it is.

Then the words come. “Let the Spirit breathe.” “Oh.” And I stop. Close my eyes. Close my mind. And listen. Just breathe. Allow the Spirit to flow through me.

How incredibly calming and peaceful it is. Then the answers can flow. Sometimes the answer is just “let go and trust.” I’m being reminded that I can give this over to the universe and trust that all will be taken care of, as it should be.

In this busy world, we can find it difficult to make time for just one more thing. Everything is demanding attention. Everything is saying make me a priority; Diet, exercise, sleep, family, friends, work. It is all there crying out for your attention. However, often the Spiritual side of you sits there quietly in the wings, just waiting for you.

It doesn’t yell if it’s not attended to, it doesn’t make you fat and lazy, but without it there is always that something missing in your life. Without moments of a deep connection with yourself and the source of all, a real sense of loss of self can occur. We forget who we are. We don’t have a sense of that purpose burning within us. Our way becomes murky and uncertain.

Taking just a few minutes a day, to connect in, get centred and invite God into your life, brings you back to you. Peace comes into your being, as you close of your thoughts and allow the Spirit to breathe through you. New ideas come, Clarity comes and you start the day from a place of oneness within yourself. And surprisingly, you can achieve more in your day.

It’s amazing what just a few minutes allowing the Spirit to breathe will do for you.

Are you ready to include Spiritual Practices into your life? In  just a few minutes a day you can become more connected and centred in your life, opening you up to more joy, more love and more success. Join me now in Let Your Spirit Breathe – 30 days of Spiritual Practices to Amplify Your Life. Click here for more details

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