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Andrea Putting

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Spiritual Practice of Business 1.3

The Corporate Shift

There is a shift happening in the corporate world. There are a number of businesses that are now starting to look at the health and well-being of their employees and making sure that their needs, as a person, are meet. Not just in their work life, but in their home and family lives. Taking the wholistic approach and making this part of the culture of their business.

From here, they then start to take care of the community and the environment. One does not work without the other.

As a result, this changes the whole outlook of everyone in the business. The employees are happier and healthier. They are happy to come along to work and find their own sense of fulfilment. They work at a better rate, they achieve more. They are interested in the success of the business. With everyone working towards the same goal more success is achieved.

The consumers see the difference. They are looking for businesses that follow their own set of values. They want to buy from and support a company that treats people fairly and is has sustainable practices in place. This is important to more and more people all the time. If you are in the fore front of this movement, then you gain the support of the community.

None of this can be faked. An unscrupulous entrepreneur could look at this and try to make it seem that they are caring and compassionate employers and spend a lot of money on promoting themselves as having integrity, etc, but it will all fall apart. This must come from the purest source. It must come from the heart and a genuine desire to make the world a better place.

The beauty of being in this spiritual place in your life is that it transforms everything. This is where the true longing of your soul finds its fulfilment. When you are focusing on financial gains and the physicality of life, the sense of fulfilment doesn’t come. You are always looking for something more and something more. You gain it and then that emptiness is there again, so you look at the next gain, what’s next.

Coming from a spiritual place fulfills this emptiness. You are able to connect in with your true purpose of being here. From here, you are able to project this into your business and find a “soul purpose” for your business. You are now striving for something that is beyond your basic needs, you are creating a legacy.

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