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The Healthy Business

In the last article I spoke to you about the first step in the Wholistic Prescription to achieving the Highest Future Potential in Business and Organisations. That was about getting to the cause of the problems that are existing. Step 2 is about creating an environment that is healthy and harmonise so that we are ready to move forward with inspiration and innovation.

To have a healthy workplace we need to look at the 3 elements of Mind, Heart and Spirit.
• Does everyone feel safe enough to share their thoughts?
• Are they encouraged to develop and grow?
• Is there healthy relationships amongst teams and employees?
• Are they doing what they love? And given the opportunity to explore what it that will bring them more satisfaction in the work place?
• What are the values of the business and how do they align with employees and customers?
• What is the greater purpose of the business?
• Are employees able to express who they are on a spiritual level?
• Is there practices that can be introduced into the business which will encourage greater inspiration and innovation?
• Does your business have a higher purpose or a social mission?
I have posed a lot of questions here, but without looking at these we won’t produce that healthy and harmonise work place where people want to be, are full engaged and want to give their all. In order to reach the highest future potential that the business is crying out to achieve, then first we need to have a workplace which is conducive to this.
Now, how do we then move into achieving the highest future potential? Well, that’s the next article.

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