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The Healing of Business

I have a Naturopathic background, so I offer speak to businesses and talk about business in terms of Naturopathic principles. From this, I have developed the “Wholistic Prescription for Achieving the Highest Future Potential in Business and Organisations.” With this I often come back to the first thing you need to do is to look at the core of the problem. If we look at the human body, if we don’t get to the cause, it doesn’t heal properly.

We get to a point that where things are critical and something devastating has occurred. In body it may be a terrible disease and we go into emergence mode. We cut dice, irradiate to kill off the disease. With a lot of treatments that’s what they are about. Just get rid of it, and it will be done. You’ll be right. Well, it doesn’t quite work that way does it?

You go back to your old ways and the illness reoccurs. You will find this is some businesses where they go through a lot of staff. They think, right, that person has gone, that problem is going to be solved. What actually happens is that the problem wasn’t that person; it was something inherent in the business.

So maybe now we’ll try some lifestyle changes. We go in with some exercise, dietary changes, basic shifting the furniture. Well, that helps for a little while, it stems the flow, but then it slowly starts to bleed again. We’ve done a few things and we gradually get back to where we were before.

Now we need to look a little deeper and start to work on attitude; looking around at how people are feeling, how can we motivate them, and creating a greater sense of positivity in the workplace. Just do some motivational talks and they’ll be right! That should do it.
Well, it works for a little while. But still we haven’t addressed the underlying problem.
At this point to we throw our arms up and give in or do we dive deeper.

When we go even deeper, we are looking for the cause of the disease in the first place. Now we are getting there. This is where we really look at the reality. There can be a number of causes that stem from different places, but there is one thing we can be sure of is that when we get to the root of the cause and treat that, we can start to heal all those other layers and stop the disease all together. Then we can start to look at the source health of the business and here we have the choice of a healthy business or a sick business.

Here we know connect with that deeper purpose and that true sense of what we can be. We start to return to making that positive impact. We can look at building the health and where the health comes from and creating a healthy environment. I will talk to you about this in the next article.

Remember that when we get back to the cause, we can clear the path to allow the health and harmony to develop.

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