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What’s your mission?

Having a passionate mission in your business inspires employees and customers alike.

Does your business have a mission? Now, I don’t mean do you have a mission statement, that says the what, how and why of what you do. I’m talking about a mission: Something that really inspires people and inspires you, and really encourages you to get out there and make a difference.

It is really important for each of us to do something that makes a difference. Dr Stephen Post who is the founder of the Institute of Research into Unlimited Love, has found that when we give of ourselves everything from life satisfaction to self-realisation and physical health is significantly improved. Our lifespan increases, we are happier, we are healthier and we have greater fulfilment. What if we can take that into our business?

When we have a mission that really drives us, it doesn’t just give us our own personal satisfaction, but in a business it inspires employees and it inspires customers. It becomes something that customers feel good about, if you’re doing something else, besides business that you’re really passionate about. I’m talking about a social mission. Doing something outside of what you might normally do in your business goals,

For me, my mission is Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony. I feel really passionate about that and getting the message out there that people who have different beliefs are really the same as all of us and that we can live in harmony together. So that has become my social mission.

Finding something that really inspires you, that’s calling out to you, is one thing. But finding something that calls out to everyone in your business is something else. Working together to create that, to find something that is going to speak to everyone as a whole, coming together as a team, so that they feel they have ownership of that as well, is extremely powerful.

My message today, is to think about what your mission is. Is there something greater that you can do with your business than just what you do in your business? Is there some way you can be inspiring to other people? Can your business inspire the world, maybe? Solve a problem that is out there that needs to be solved? To create something that is more powerful than just your business. You will find that it inspires the people who work for you, inspires all your stakeholders, and the greater community will begin to trust and like you even more.

So, think about what your mission is. If you need some help with that I can help you draw together your team to work with you and discover something great for your business.

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