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The Treasure Hunt

In the not so long ago times, where we wanted to go somewhere, we would get out our map and plan out our journey carefully. We would have to remember which way we would have to go. Write it down; take a right turn here and left turn there and follow this road for so far, then go this way and that way. That was quite the normal way of planning our journey.

These days, we have GPS. I have a Sat-Nav in my car and when I want to go somewhere the destination is put in there and off I go. I don’t have to plan, I don’t have to think about, I just go.

This and it is like letting the Spirit breathe, in our life, in our business; except one thing. If we are really letting go, we don’t necessarily have to set the destination, it’s already set for us. So off we go on our journey. We leave home. We listen for those directions. Turn left in 200 metres. So we turn left and so we follow the road, as directed for 5500 metres, or something like that. We follow the road and we make the turns where we are told to make the turns. We are told which exit to get out of on a roundabout. We don’t know which direction we are going to take. We don’t know where this path is going to take us. We don’t know what we are going to see along the journey. It’s a surprise. Sometimes we get excited. We see something and we want to stop somewhere and enjoy that scenery for a little bit. Other times we miss the turn off. My previous Sat-nav would get quite angry at me at that point and say in a stern voice “Recalculating.” My current one isn’t so grumpy, and just reassesses and tells me another route to go to get to that same destination.

Really, it’s like a treasure hunt isn’t it.

I like to think of it like a Treasure Hunt. I get the message that I need to go somewhere or need to do this particular thing. I don’t know what that treasure is at the end of the path, but I know that if I follow this clue, it’s going to lead me to another clue, and to another clue. And eventually I’m going to get somewhere and receive some magnificent treasure. Something amazing is at the end of this journey.

And this is my reflection for today. Let the Spirit Breathe, allow yourself to be guided, and enjoy the Treasure Hunt.

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