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Achieving the Highest Future Potential

Business Soul Food Episode 37

I have spoken in the previous articles about The Wholistic Prescription for Achieving the Highest Future Potential in Business and Organisations. I have gone through Step 1 – treating the cause. So we’ve dealt with the underlying cause of the “dis-ease” in your business. Step 2 – Creating a health environment, We’ve created harmony and a workplace that people feel comfortable, safe and eager to work in and now we are up to the most exciting stuff – Step 3 – Achieving the Highest Future Potential.

So what is your business called to be in the world? You could sit and do some planning, but how about you let the business and the future speak. Well, we’ve tried digging in around the past for ideas, we’ve tried to come up with new ideas, but we’re have they led? Only so far. We continue to go around in circles and get results that nobody wants. Let’s stop looking in our heads for the answers and be willing to go beyond the why.

By this I mean to let go of our own personal agendas, the logical and our own personal whys and allow ourselves to be guided by where the future is calling us to be.

So, how do we do this?

Will, we can start with all that we have, gather the information in, work with your people, talk with them, ask them to be involved in the creative process. Take all your ideas, or your knowledge and resources and let it go. Yep, let it go. Then breathe. Slow down.

Take time together to allow reflection and in the silence new thoughts and ideas will start to emerge. Ideas will start to bounce of each other and here you will be guided by where the future is leading. You will envision the highest future potential of the business and the people involved.

Once new ideas are born like this, the whole team is invigorated and feel that they are a part of this new direction. It is not “your idea” it is “our idea” and they want to see it grow and develop into success as much as you do. They will be ready to get on board.

I hope you’re getting the idea that I love the creative energy that comes when people come together and allow the spirit to breathe through them. Here amazing things happens. Think about for yourself If someone comes in with an idea, they have to really work at selling it, no matter how good an idea it is, it will always be their idea and the progress will fall back to them. But if the whole team is involved in its development, there is no selling the idea, it is everyone’s and we’re all on board.

What you can achieve with this is limitless, when you are willing to go beyond the why and listen to the soul of the business new ideas, programs and innovations emerge and you can create the legacy you have always dreamed of.


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