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All great leadership starts with listening

Business Soul Food episode 38

All great leadership start with listening. That means listening with a wide open mind, heart and will. It means listening to what is being said as well as to what isn’t being said. It means listening to the latent needs and aspiration of all people.” Otto Scharmer, Professor at MIT, author of “Theory U.”

A lot of people go into leadership and they think that to be a leader, they go in with their ideas and push their personal agendas. They don’t listen to what it is that people are actually wanting or needing. Sometimes others have the better ideas.

Leadership is really about taking that step back, being able to hold space for people, and being able to open up to allow others to develop their own thoughts, needs and aspirations and to be included in what is happening. It’s not about standing up and saying you will do this.  It’s about standing together and working together, and finding the solutions together. It’s about listening to what is emerging in the future for that group or business. Allowing that to come forward rather than forcing your own opinion.

So leadership is about listening, and helping others to come forward and holding the space so that they are able to be the best that they are able to be.

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