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A Message of Love for Christmas

christmas loveThis time of year can leave us flat. There is so much to do. Finishing up our work for the end of the year, shopping, cooking preparing for family celebrations, catching up with friends, work parties, parties and more parties. Everything has to be done before Christmas knocks on our door.

Finding a moment to stop and just reflect is often left to after Christmas when everything slows right down. However it is in the hustle and bustle that we need to take a moment to connect with the peace that Christmas is all about.

Christmas brings to me a message that is beyond the Christian holiday. As we think of our brothers and sisters of different faiths, Jewish, Muslims, Pagans, Buddhists, etc., this is a time, a holiday, that we can share together in just one message. For me there is just one message that matters, that is, the message of LOVE.

Love is what we all share as a common thread. We all want to love each other and live in peace; this is what the true message is of all Spiritual practices. This messages asks, how can we love more, how can share more and can we give more? This is the deep longing of each of our souls.

It is in the everyday that we can share this “moment of the Christmas message”. In everyday life, we can make this little bit of an extra effort to love and allow others to love us. We can stop and help someone. We can send someone a blessing, say a prayer for them. We can look at the most unlikely person and smile at them. This message of love is so easy to share. When it becomes a part of our daily way of being, then we find frequent explosions of joy in our own lives.

As Abe Hardoon, Kabbalist says “That is truly what makes us spiritual people – not how much we know about spirituality but rather how much effort we put into applying it to everyday life.”

And so, this Christmas, I am that little prompter to your soul that says “I can give a little more love to all I see and meet. “ Give it a go and enjoy the blessings that come right back at you, for in this Spirit, we are all one.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.



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