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Awakening the Soul of Success

MBG Logo 200A group of high performing entrepreneurs gathered. They had all made a lot of money, many of them multimillionaires. They had all worked their way through developing their businesses, following their dream and achieving their goals.

When they were asked “who has achieved their financial goals?” 80% of them raised their hands. With hands still raised they were asked, “How many of you feel successful?” 80% of them dropped their hands.

From the outside we may look at them, even admire them for achieving so much, creating a “successful life.” They seem to have it all. They have the money to provide a life of luxury that many dream about, they are in a position to choose the life and lifestyle they wish to live, with no restrictions. Yet, there is something missing from their lives, they don’t feel the fulfillment that we all have a deep soulful longing for.

When we start a business it is with passion and determination. There is something burning inside us to keep us going. We talk about what we are doing with excitement, it is infectious and those around us can’t help but feel it.

As time goes by and more people become involved in the business, there is less talk about the passion that was the instigator. It starts to become the everyday running of the business. Planning, strategizing, implementing, and meeting the dreaded KPI’s. Day in day out stuff begins to rule. Newer employees have no sense of the excitement you felt at the start. They really don’t know what that’s all about.

Yep, the business grows and targets are met and the list of achievements keeps growing. Yet that little spark of passion is crying out inside. It has been forgotten; the big WHY of at all has been lost somewhere in the dark.

Reconnecting with the “why” you started your business in the first place will reignite the flames of the lost passion of your business. It helps to find meaning and purpose once again. When this is at the forefront and you feel like you are creating something special that will really make a difference, really touch lives, and you are living your purpose, then that deep longing is fulfilled. Now we know what true success feels like.

Think about it, what are the moments in your life that you deep down have felt successful. Are they because of you made a lot of money in a deal? Or are they because you helped someone, solved a problem or felt like this is what you are here to do? If you can have that sense of success and fulfillment by doing what you feel you are here to do, plus receive financial reward for it, then, you truly are on a winner.

So, what is it going to take for you to get on purpose, to “Awaken the Soul of Your Business?” Well, start with WHY. Take some time out to really reflect on your purpose, your story, your why? Why did you start your business? What experiences in your life lead you on this journey? What is it that is most important to you, that you would fight for?

Talk it all through, in depth with someone you trust, but are not too close to, who will be objective, and help you find the words you need to articulate your message of Why. When you have this, it is something that you can live your life from. Build your future business success on. Something you can base you next move on. Something that will give you that feeling of deep soulful satisfying success.

Once you have it share it with the world. Share it with your employees; share it with your customers. To quote Simon Sinek “When you tell people WHY you’re doing what you’re doing remarkable things happen.”

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