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Andrea Putting

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Awakening to Change

“Things will be different if only this person would do that and the other person would pull their head in. If only everyone would work together as a team.” We often look at things this way, keeping the perspective of what is happening on outside of ourselves. We make assumptions and can’t see what is really going, as after all, it is all outside of us that the problem lays.

Meanwhile the ones who are “causing” all the issues are saying the same things, “If only everyone would pull together, if only I was given the opportunity to do what I know I can do.”

It is much more comfortable to look “out there” and blame something else. We keep on going do the same things, expecting something or someone else to change. We make decisions based on this perspective and assumptions. What happens? We keep getting the results that no-one wants.

When we see ourselves separate from the problem and others, we are not able to see the accuracy of the situation and will continue to make choices that do not solve the real problem. We need to be able to get back to the core of a problem and address it from here. As an individual solving our own problems, we can go into the depth of our being and find the cause to solve problems with greater clarity.

However is it possible within a group to have that same sort of insight that really reaches in and finds solutions? To go within the stillness as a collective and find clarity of mind and solutions that result in real change?

When a group of people can come together with open hearts and open eyes, the truth of the situation can be revealed. As each one takes ownership for their part, they begin to journey together into a deeper place of knowing. Here a stillness opens up to a wholeness of awareness. This is when profound change can occur and new ideas and innovations come to light.

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