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Andrea Putting

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Listen to Your Spirit, Work from the Heart

Businesses that are really growing and flourishing in this era are the ones where the owner and leadership are willing to take a step back and observe. They take time out to just listen. To listen to what is going on around them, to what others need and to their own Spirit. When the drive for business is focussed on the “Why” this business exists in the first place, the “What” is the bigger picture, they find a “How” that really speaks to people. Of course, also making a profit is important, but this then becomes the “physical result” of what is most important.

When a business grows from a heart space it is true and authentic. It touches people’s lives and this is where real transformation begins. The need to succeed and win at all costs is put aside and the connection with employees and clients comes first. It is now about the client and serving them at the highest level. For their time together, nothing else matters.

Working from the heart means developing your business in an authentic way. It is about drawing out what works for you, personally. It is not the same as anyone else does it. It must be what feels good for you.

The greatest guidance we can all take for our own business journey is directly from Spirit. Taking time daily to “tune-in” to our own Higher consciousness helps us to be more productive, more certain on our path and more effective in our work. Listening to your Spirit, will never send you astray.

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