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Andrea Putting

Speaker, Author & Trusted Advisor

Mid-life Crisis of Business

As a society we are facing a mid-life crisis. We look around at what we have and it no longer fulfils us. What is it all for? We have been so focussed on the having, we have forgotten to be. While all of this has been going on we’ve become lost in the illusion and now the truth is calling us.

It is time to awaken the soul of business and heed its call.

It is time to let go of old outdated autistic business models that don’t serve the awakened consciousness.

It is time to transcend the notion that business is all about making money.

It is time to awaken to the oneness of all that brings us into a greater communion with each other; that reaches deep within our souls and says “I want something better. I want to do something more worthwhile. I want to fulfil my own sense of deep calling.”

As we take this deep calling into our business it starts to create movement and direction like never before. A new air of motivation and passion filters in and through you and your employees. They connect with it and the message of what you are sharing.  This now becomes a workplace where everyone enjoys their work; where employees are passionate and motivated about their work. Where ideas flow and grow. This is more than just a workplace, it has become a living growing community that really touches lives, makes a difference and a profit.

People feel the difference and they want to be a part of it.

What we eventually learn is that it’s the calling that sells.






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