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The Love Break

Today I wantMH900433103 to share with one of my favourite Spiritual practices. The “Love Break”. There are lots of times that you can use it. It is perfect to start your day with and to end your day. It puts you in the perfect space for having a day that is full of love. It is like putting a circle of pure love of the divine around you and you are going to shine this love all day.

Well, some things still will get you down, so what do you do. Take another “Love Break”. This is no magic bullet that is going to solve all of your woe’s, but it will certain help you to deal with life, be in a better place and generally feel better within yourself.

In just one day we can experience a myriad of emotions. There can be moments of frustrations, tension, sadness, anger as well as happiness, peace, joy and of course love. Dealing with life when you are in a state of frustration or anger doesn’t always go smoothly.

Often times we pick up on other people’s energies. They may be projecting their own negative feelings of themselves back on to you. You may then react or take their “stuff” on board. Certainly it can spoil your day and the moods just perpetuate, making a bad situation worse.

Taking a moment for a Love Break can help you through these moments. You will centred. You will feel loved and that love will shine through to others.

I also believe that taking “Love Breaks” will help to keep your healthy on all levels. So let’s do it.
Start by taking a few deep breathes and inviting the white light, your guides, and angels to be with you. Focus in on your heart. Breathe into it. Feel it as the centre of your being. See pink energy radiating from this centre. As you breathe, breathe it through your whole body. See it growing; expanding through you. Feel the energy of love moving through your whole body. Hold it there for as long as you wish and just radiant this pure love.

Repeat this practice whenever you feel in need of a little love. It is wonderful for dissolving fears and stressful situations.

Enjoyed this Spiritual Practice? Taking just a few minutes a day, to connect in, get centred and invite God into your life, brings you back to you. Peace comes into your being, as you close of your thoughts and allow the Spirit to breathe through you. New ideas come, Clarity comes and you start the day from a place of oneness within yourself. And surprisingly, you can achieve more in your day. In  just a few minutes a day you can become more connected and centred in your life, opening you up to more joy, more love and more success. It’s amazing what just a few minutes allowing the Spirit to breathe will do for you. Join me now in Let Your Spirit Breathe – 30 days of Spiritual Practices to Amplify Your Life.


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